Well it is that time of year. Spring time means the time Springs forward one hour and we have a lot more day time. So what does that mean? First we have more time to make "To Do's" into "To Done's" Second, Blooms & Blosoms (Pollen, extra cleaning, allergies, yellow coated cars). Third, time to really get after the your gardens (if you are so inclined), fourth, we all have more daylight to enjoy.

Here are some items that you may want to consider this time of year.
1. Clean your gutters, this will prevent water overflow that could damage wood.
2. Clean your AC unit (condensing unit outside). You can do that with a water hose. Also make sure your AC filter is replaced or cleaned. The importance of doing these two items can not be over stressed. Benefits are cooler home, lower utility bills, and longer life of your AC. If you prefer to have it professionally done, we have great working relationships with Absolute Air, Travis Lape is the owner, 318-741-2122. Just give his office a call and tell him we sent you. Typical cost is $65.00 for complete spring service. Plus they inspect the system for preventative maintenance and they clean out the drain so that you don't get overflow into your home. Nothing worse than having your AC go out in the summer or have water back up into your house.
3. Replace your batteries in your smoke/fire detectors.
4. Remove any bags that you may have installed on your attic vents.
5. Clean garbage disposal. I know that sounds nasty, but it is quite simple. Just dump a cup or two of ice cubes into the disposal. Egg shells work well also. This will clean the blades and help prevent them from getting stuck.
6. We also suggest that you check all of your water valves for faucet and toilet. This is only takes a few minutes. Just turn each one completely off and then back on. This will helps prevent them from getting stuck and not being able to turn them off in case an emergency occurs. If they do not turn easy, you may want to replace them. Just give me a call if you need someone to replace any of them.
7. Foundation issues can very costly and easily preventable. We suggest purchasing soaker hoses, about $6.00 for one. Connect to your outside faucet and turn on as needed in the summer, maybe a couple of times per week, when we are blistering hot and dry. They release the water around the foundation so the the soil does not shrink and crack. I normally do this at the same time I mow. Helpful hint, get a water faucet splitter that you can attach to the faucet, then you can still leave another water hose connected when needed.
8. Weed and feed your lawn. If you have never used weed and feed, you will be shocked at how well it works and since it kills the weeds, you don't have to mow as often.
9. Handle the fire ants. They can destroy much more than your yard and you know that if you have ever been attacked.
10. Last but not least, Enjoy this time of year because we all know it will not be long before it is very hot and humid.

We are happy to help and promote other businesses. So if you have a business or know someone that has a business they would like to promote, just give me a call.

Hopefully these helpful hints are useful. Please remember that we are here to help any way that we can, so feel free to give us call.